Our Recipe for Success

The Reis & Irvy’s Original Soft Serve formula is a healthier dessert alternative to ice cream. We use Foothills Creamery crafted frozen yogurt.

A labor of love and imagination, Foothills Creamery has created a delicious, wholesome, innovative soft frozen treat.

Foothills Creamery has been proudly serving Western Canada with ice cream since 1986. As a FSSC 22000 certified organization, Foothills Creamery prides itself in its old fashioned vat pasteurization method. The result of this method being a richer,
creamier, and more full bodied finished product. The novelty of this treat delivered by a robot will make eating healthy even more entertaining.

  • Foothills Creamery caters to all consumers with a variety of dietary options. These are just a few of the mixes available to choose from:
  • Gelato Mix (lower fat & healthier alternative to soft serve)
  • Greek Style (White cultured, Greek style thick)
  • Ice Milk Mix (Lighter lower fat alternative to soft serve)
  • Miss Sharon’s 3.3% B.F. Yogurt Mix (Live beneficial bacteria, flavoured with vanilla and sweetened with honey)
  • Miss Sharon’s Fat Free Yogurt Mix (Live beneficial bacteria, sweetened with honey)
  • Miss Sharon’s Fat Free Plain Yogurt (Unflavoured, live beneficial bacteria, sweetened with honey)
  • Miss Sharon’s NSA (no sugar added) Yogurt (live beneficial bacteria, sweetened with Maltitol) Sorbet Mix (non dairy, no cholesterol)
  • Ultimate Mix (lower fat alternative to soft serve, more satisfying & creamier texturethan ice milk)
  • 12% Base Mix (Liquid ice cream for use in batch & continuous freezers)
  • Vanilla Soft Serve Mix (Vanilla Flavoured soft serve)

Whatever your preference, the Reis & Irvy’s Frozen Yogurt Robot is completely customizable to all dietary needs and requirements.

By choosing the Reis & Irvy’s Healthy Soft Serve model, you can capitalize on a thriving trend, gain credibility with health-conscious consumers, and add appeal for locations where government health mandates are in place, such as schools.

Flavour Burst – Over 100 flavours