We’re Here for You

The Reis & Irvy’s frozen treat Robot may be the closest to “hands-off” as any business you’ll undertake, but our franchising approach is 100% hands-on. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Reis & Irvy’s employs a team of corporate specialists at your service. Franchisee support provided by our teams listed below, working by your side to help you now and well into the future. Our mission is to provide the necessary infrastructure to create profitable franchises, driving the frozen yogurt revolution one successful franchise at a time.

You can count on us at any time to field your questions. Reis & Irvy’s is constantly in contact with its franchisees, ensuring education, feedback, and problem-solving regardless of how many automated frozen yogurt machines you are operating. Chaperoning your franchise experience throughout the entire journey of your business, we do not believe in the plug-and-play model of franchising, even if is the way our frozen yogurt is delivered.

Our Management Team handles the day-to-day logistics, operations, accounting, human resources as well as big-picture marketing and growth. The “control center” of the Reis & Irvy’s administrative machine that is spearheading the future of frozen yogurt. Our goal is to guide and support vested operators toward success.

Franchise Relations Coordinators is the first stop on a new franchisee’s entrepreneurial journey. Franchise Development Managers will help you with the important analyses and decisions of becoming a leader of the frozen yogurt revolution. Leveraging years of experience in franchising, our FDMs will guide you through our online discovery process.

Our Location Procurement Team is comprised of experts in assessing locations for foot traffic and demographics. These team members are responsible for securing busy locations with an existing captive audience. The Reis & Irvy’s Frozen Treat Robot causes a stir wherever it’s placed, and can even become a destination in-and-of itself, positioning the frozen yogurt revolution to go viral.